Convert All Activities to a Simple, Single and Trackable Rad Mile with One Click, Tap or Movement.

Overview and Introduction

Rad Endurance events are measured in the form of a standardized unit of measure called a ‘Rad Mile’. This allows us to open up our events to 80 different exercise activities or sports. Virtually anyone can participate in a Rad Endurance event without being bound to the traditional race options such as running events (5K, 10K, or marathons) or… triathlons (run, bike swim). Instead, you can select your favorite exercise activities ranging from running to badminton to pilates or canoeing – pretty much any sport you can think of – then log your activity into Rad Endurance’s race tracking application.

When you log your activity, our software will reference an industry database produced by Purdue Unversity, that will convert your energy input for X activity into a normalized Rad Mile. In other words X number of minutes spent doing Y activity will result in N number of Rad Miles achieved. So you can play tennis for an hour, log your activity, then our system will convert your activity to Rad Miles and those miles will advance you along the virtual course of the Rad Endurance event that you’re participating in.

The conversion table linked below lists all of the eligible activities or sports available to you which you can select during any Rad Endurance event.

“Mileage” – When entering this type of activity you will enter the miles completed.
“Duration” – When entering this type of activity you will enter the total time spent.

Conversion and Activity Table

Sport or Activity Miles/Hour Mileage or Duration? Mileage Calc
Main Disciplines
  Running/Walking (baseline) 6.00 Mileage 1
  Biking (MTB) 12.00 Mileage 0.5
  Biking (Road/Trainer) 18.00 Mileage 0.33
  Push rim wheelchair (hard) 7.50 Duration  
  Push rim wheelchair (light) 5.00 Duration  
  Swimming (Current) 4.00 Mileage 4
Circuit and Strength
  Aerobic fitness class (HIT, etc) 5.142 Duration  
  Pilates 2.585 Duration  
  Circuit training 5.653 Duration  
  Yoga 1.278 Duration  
  Weight lifting 1.903 Duration  
Paddle Sports
  Canoeing 2.585 Duration  
  Stand Up Paddleboarding 2.585 Mileage 2.585
  Kayaking 4.318 Duration  
Outdoor and Expedition
  Backpacking 5.142 Duration  
  Climbing, rock/mountain 7.670 Duration  
  Fishing 2.585 Duration  
  Rock climbing 6.932 Duration  
  Horseback riding 2.557 Duration  
Dance Related
  Ballet dancing 3.409 Duration  
  Cheerleading 2.841 Duration  
  Dancing, class 3.097 Duration  
  Dancing, salsa/country/swing 3.097 Duration  
  Dancing, party 3.097 Duration  
  Drill team 4.347 Duration  
  Gymnastics 3.438 Duration  
Combat Training
  Boxing, competitive 6.307 Duration  
  Judo & Karate 6.705 Duration  
  Punching bag 5.114 Duration  
  Tae Bo 7.102 Duration  
  Tae Kwon Do 8.239 Duration  
  Tai Chi 1.136 Duration  
  Fencing 5.170 Duration  
  Wrestling 4.119 Duration  
  Kickboxing 8.239 Duration  
Indoor Training
  Elliptical trainer 5.767 Duration  
  Jumping rope, moderate 7.102 Duration  
  Spinning 5.682 Duration  
  Stair climbing, machine 5.682 Duration  
  Stair climbing, up stairs 5.142 Duration  
  Hand cycling 5 Duration  
  Bowling 2.017 Duration  
Golf and Disc
  Frisbee 2.585 Duration  
  Golf, carrying clubs 3.097 Duration  
  Golf, powered cart 2.273 Duration  
Board and Blade
  Rollerblading 4.432 Duration  
  Skateboarding 2.898 Duration  
Snow Sports
  Skiing, light/moderate 3.097 Duration  
  Skiing, cross-country 3.239 Duration  
  Snowboarding 5.170 Duration  
  Sledding 4.489 Duration  
  Snowshoeing 5.142 Duration  
  Ice skating, general 2.386 Duration  
Team Sports
  Baseball 3.693 Duration  
  Basketball, recreational 3.693 Duration  
  Soccer, recreational 5.142 Duration  
  Softball 4.318 Duration  
  Volleyball 2.585 Duration  
  Football 5.653 Duration  
  Hockey, field and ice 6.818 Duration  
  Kickball 6.023 Duration  
  Lacrosse 6.875 Duration  
  Rugby 8.608 Duration  
  Handball 9.886 Duration  
House, Yard and Shop
  Trampoline 2.557 Duration  
  Household work - mopping, painting a room, ect. 2.5 Duration  
  Shopping 2 Duration  
  Yard Work - mowing lawn, raking leaves, ect. 3.5 Duration  
  Children's playground game 3.864 Duration  
  Horseshoes 2.017 Duration  
Water Sports
  Surfing 2.585 Duration  
  Water aerobics 3.295 Duration  
  Water polo 8.608 Duration  
  Water skiing 4.119 Duration  
  Scuba Diving 5.767 Duration  
  Sailing, boat and board 2.585 Duration  
Raquet Sports
  Badminton, casual 3.722 Duration  
  Croquet 2.159 Duration  
  Table tennis 3.409 Duration  
  Tennis 5.682 Duration  
  Squash 9.886 Duration  
  Racquetball, casual 5.142 Duration  

Questions or Suggestions?

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