Propel and Measure your Employees by Adding a Corporate Wellness Program by Rad Endurance.

Corporate Race Packages in All Sizes

Rad Endurance offers a number of race packages to produce custom virtual race experiences for corporations of all sizes.

A custom virtual race provides a unique platform and experience to bring employees together through a fun team-building exercise while, simultaneously, driving measurable health and wellness for your organization.

By partnering with Rad Endurance, you can create a virtual race experience which is completely tailored to your company size, culture, and wellness goals.

Rad Endurancewill consult with you to develop and produce every aspect of your race, including:

  • The name, theme, and logo for your race
  • The virtual map route and race distance – it can be anywhere!
  • The technology to register and track your racers on our virtual race platform
  • Full technical and marketing support for the full race duration
  • Custom apparel or swag to commemorate your race (sold separately)
  • Keynote speech by Iditarod Champion Pete Ripmaster (optional)
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