Enhance your Team, Group or Charity by adding a race or program from Rad Endurance.

Custom Race Packages for all Organizations

Rad Endurance offers a number of race packages to produce custom virtual race experiences for all groups and charities

A custom virtual race provides a unique platform to bring people together to support important causes while, simultaneously, creating a fun and inspiring virtual experience for everyone involved.

By partnering with Rad Endurance, you can create a virtual race experience which is completely tailored to your purpose or cause and the overall goals of your group or charity.

Rad Endurance will consult with you to develop and produce every aspect of your race, including:

  • The name, theme, and logo for your race
  • The virtual map route and race distance – it can be anywhere!
  • The technology to register and track your racers on our virtual race platform
  • Full technical and marketing support for the full race duration
  • Custom apparel or swag to commemorate your race (sold separately)
  • Keynote speech by Iditarod Champion Pete Ripmaster (optional)
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