The RuRu 700 / Race 2

October 21st - November 21st, 2020
Top of the South (TOTS) New Zealand

The RURU 700 was the second race produced by Rad Endurance, following the success of the Snowy Owl 1,000.  We traveled from Alaska all the way to New Zealand for the RURU 700.  After being inspired by photos posted by a number of racers in the Snowy Owl 1,000 that were participating across the world in New Zealand, we figured it was worth paying them a virtual visit.

We kicked off the RURU 700 on October 21st and cut the race length to 1 month, ending on November 21st but… still packing in the 622 mile course.  We had 165 racers who recorded 22,201 Rad Miles across 4,741 activities and 13,180 fitness engagements.  Unlike the Snowy Owl 1,000 that was limited to just 3 sports:  run, bike, and swim.  We were able to open up the RURU 700 to include 80 different sports – pretty much any activity you wanted to record from tennis to golf to hiking and more could be captured in the RURU.

Like the Snowy Owl 1,000, the RURU 700 was produced during the middle of the COVID pandemic as virtual events continue to thrive during a time of closure for fitness, clubs, and in person racing events across the world.

In keeping with our Owl theme, as before, we want to highlight that a portion of the proceeds were donated to our charity sponsor – the symbolic Owl Research Institute.

Results from the RuRu

Rad Miles Logged
Fitness Engagements

The RuRu 700 Route

Special thanks to our friends at Bikepacking.com for the insane route in the TOTS.

Community Success

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